Saturday, September 05, 2009


5th Sep'09.

Assalamualaikum warhamatullahi wabarakatuhu......
Ramadan Mubarak.................

Hope everybody's ramadan is going awesome..Alhamdulillah it has rained so its not as hot as it was in the past month..Its my first exprience of attending full classes in niqab as now i go to a co-ed college.. Today i read aloud a full 4 page poem of thomas grey and started feeling all dizzy.
My Ramadan is going very listless and hence I feel very bad..I dont know where is the to ignite the flame of iman in my heart..Everyday after iftar my 2 cuzins,my sister and the housemaid girl all gather and read about ramadan from "Fazail-e-Amaal"..But still the heart is dead..we pray taraveeh,read Quran but something is amiss..What?? i fail to understand..I had planned to read LOT of Quran and set aside a time for reading its meaning and interpretation..but...............
One thing i'm doing is cooking iftar and today for the first time this ramdan i made sehri...My 2 younger neice and nephew are having their first fast next week so there's a grand iftar..inshAllah.

Ok..had just wanted to write ANYthing.......
MAy Allah bless everyone and make us do sincere ibadah in the last ten nights of Ramadan..

remember the whole ummah in your duas...
take care
~Cool Muslimah~

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 hometown.....


6th Aug'2009.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu....

So i should begin with my tattered old line "its been a long time since i posted...." coz i'm mashAllah the Queen of Procrastination..mAy Allah save everyone from this deadly habit..

Now i'm Alhamdulillah back in my homeland...ah! the freedom ones feel in their homeland is doubt i had more luxuries in the Gulf, more wider variety of delicious food items, AC's everywhere and every possible comfort u can think of...

And the moment we step on the Indian Airport u feel as if you have been thrown from the peak of a was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT when we came here..Allah! has been declared drought here this was soo sticky and still its hot like anything! Its scorching hot...everywhere namaz-e-istisqa (salat for rain) is being prayed ..and yes it did rain last week...alhamdulillah. back to where i u step out of the airport there are poor people, a very haphazard traffic, hot, the AC of our taxi wasnt working etc etc...........BUT

The freedom u feel, the power u have..u are a citizen of this one dare say any racist remark to fear of being looked down upon by whites or arabs or any other person..we aren';t second citizen...all speaking the same language...All this is still not so much important but the thing that connects us or me to my homeland is my own people,my relatives my scores of cousins , aunts,uncles who live here..the happiness we all feel when we meet eachother, all sitting under one roof chatting away..elders scolding the lil ones...and everyone there to share your happiness and grief..the housemaids who come immediately when they listen of your arrival..the love showered upon by each and every related member...i cannot get all this on any corner of the earth that is a feeling of belonging..where i have my ancestral history..where there are people who show me the place where my grandfather planted a tree when he was a kid, a place where i played as a child and grew up with fond memories alhamdulillah..

The aromas of sweets on the road ,
different seasons like autumn, the downpour of monsoon,the scorching summers with mangoes in full swing, the biting winters with roasted peanuts sold on every roadside and the spring season with flowers in full bloom...its fun to live here.....

"A homeland (rel.
country of origin and native land) is the concept of the place (cultural geography) to which an ethnic group holds a long history and a deep cultural association with —the country in which a particular national identity began."
That was the most haphazard and distorted post i ever wrote....
~Cool Muslimah~

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm back from umrah alhamdulillah............

16th July'2009.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu......
All thanks to Allah....bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen.

Yes..alhamdulillah i returned from umrah 3 days back..was meaning to blog the next day but i have soooooo much to write and relate that i dunno from where to begin and where to end...MashAllah what an experience...

The closeness with your religion, the companionship and love that emanates in the two holy cities for your fellow muslim bretheren, the barakah always descending, the throngs of people ranging from all nationalities,old people,young men and women, cute cherubic lovely children (mashAllah), people of all colour, class and nation-indonesian,malaysian,pakistani,Turkey,irani,syrian,Indian,Lebanese,South African....endless mashAllah.Young boys and men with beards,in thoub, saafa and topis..small girls prancing around in hijab,people crying away their griefs in front of the house of Allah, people supplicating and doing duas in their on mother tongues oblivious to the surroundings and people- reminding you of the day of Qiyamat (the Day of judgement)..the athan resonating through the city of Mekkah where once the kuffars didn't let muslims pray openly and then the multitudes of people and their buzz all silenced down once the Imam said Allahuakbar indicating the beginning of salat or namaz. It would be pin drop silence all silently bowed in front of their beloved Allah..i can't find words to express could be just felt..something seemed to warm you from inside..tears themselves made their way specially when Sheikh Sudais led the Fajr prayers in Mekkah..subhanAllah it was amazing!!

Our 10 day trip was from the hassles of wordly materialistic persuits.

I did lots of duas....may Allah accept them...It was soo funny i did tawaf and at the Ruadha (tomb) of our beloved Prophet Mohammad salalllaho alayhi wassalllam I did dua and the name was not the ordinary names but "sacrifice for allah" coz i dont know her original!!

I have so much to tell you all..simple things...some rich experiences and upload pix of the desert land ... I'm planning on making a new blog for my umrah trip.. whatsay??

~CooL MuslimaH~

Monday, June 29, 2009


30th June'09.

  1. when i have to edit my post innumerable times...yes i have todo it i dont know why..i give spaces between paragraphs but it doesnt appear on the blog and its way toooooo irritating...aaargh!!!

  2. Attitude. I hate attitude..specially people who think that owing a little more money or name makes them much better than the humanity and consequently they treat the others like shit! for instance , in India people usually in cars speak so rudely with the rickshaw waalas that i just want to go and give them a good beating!.. I remember once we were going to the airport, our taxi driver slightly hit a car in front of it..ohh that cheapstake stopped his car and steped outside and can you believe it he slapped our driver!!!! Oh man I just really wanted to do i dunno what to that man!! i was in a rage...And he just drove away as if he had done the noblest thing in the world!!..

  3. when i'm falsely accused..ugh!! it drives me mad!!

  4. When a thing that i almost never do and the moment i think of doing it my mom catches me and goes on "ya i know you are so irresponsible" so oblivious to my desperate cries that i had done it just this time,.For instance, that day after lunch meal, i wanted to eat something i took the jar of Nutella and licked off some chocolate and yes! what should have mom happens to come that moment..and has that knowing look on her face..and now she would not believe me that it was the first time.

  5. When people just get angry and they dont tell you what's the reason or they keep everything to themselves..And keep on nodding knowingly,smirking and acting as if you have committed something really bad but they wont damn tell you!!aargh!!

  6. US or ISrael butting in every country's matters be it Tehran or Pakistan or any other country..why can't they mind their own business??

  7. bullying in any form

  8. Teasing the weak people or insane in my hometown in India there are a few people who roam on the streets and are psychologically not normal..its a common sight to see shopkeepers or vendors teasing them...(ok maybe its just in a light manner and they dont hurt them but i think its not appropriate or maybe i;m thinking too much)

  9. Capris worn by muslim girls..i just dislike that fashion.

  10. Girls wearing revealing clothes.

  11. Deceit and lying. (It doesnt mean i never lied...but nevertheless i hate lying)

  12. Wasting food.

~Cool Muslimah~

entrapped!! aaah why???

So only 2 days are left for going to umrah inshAllah...I have one thing that's irking me and i'm not working upon it..As usual i had thought of raising my iman level before going to umrah like read the translation of Quran or reading books on the companions of Prophet Mohammad sallallaho alayhi wassallam or anything pertaining to increasing the taqwa but alas! as always I merely think and the action is missing! This time I am in the lowest spirit of eeman..Allah help me out.
Well, just now went to order an abaya each for my sis,mom and me.Then the girls whom i had gone with + my young sis and my elder cousin's wife- all went to yum Yum tree..I went for the 1st time...Man! what sad plight..I know i am no one to say this ..nor am i much better than anyone else but as a generalised comment which includes me..Its quite bad how we all have been trapped in the snares of this world..long menus of food+ malls where we spend hours of shopping wasting money on things we possibly dont want..its very sad! The girls and boys there were totally arabs and a small %age of pakis and indians wud have been there just that mingled in them i couldnt make out...Boys were mostly in I hate it i hate that item whoever invented it...Well boys can wear it in the name of fashion but when it comes to sunnah of wearing a pant or any clothing piece above your ankle they feel embarassed! How ironical! (or maybe they don't know about that sunnah but then that's another story--- what are their parents doing??) This whole culture of shunning all religious books and sticking just to QUran and Bukhari or any hadith book is somewhat affecting people...(that's again another story).. Ok back to Yum Yum tree..the girls were in gaudy abayas (which answered to my wondering this morning that who in the world wears these abayas? But on a positive note atleast they wear abaya!!) Flashy mobiles, fashion,makeup .sad very sad! where are our umar and fatimas?? Why are we as youths not attaining taqwa..Where is our iman? our fear of Allah? our zest for da'wah? Why can't we lower our gaze?? why do we give a damn about the western culture and what others will think of us?? Why dont we make Allah our priority? Alas!! ya Allah you are the most merciful, you love a human 70 times that of a mother then do fill our hearts with iman and grant us the highest level of taqwa..ameen ameen.
Ok nothing more is coming to my mind...will post soon..that is b4 going for umrah inshALlah...then after that obviously! I still dunno where I would be going first- Mekkah or MAdinah. I have a list on a piece of paper of all those people who ask for dua..coz i tend to forget and also, i like to do dua by specially naming that person..
Whoever reads this please do dua for me and the ummat.....

JAzakAllah khair
~Cool Muslimah~

Friday, June 26, 2009

rattling on...the chatterbox

26 june'09
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakutuhu..

May anyone reading this read it in the best of their health and eeman..

Yesterday we had a one dish dinner at our place..we were given the responsibilty to cook rice..So at night came 5 families..Man there were such cute children..awwwwwwww...MAshAllah!! wish i could take their pix and post here..but its a sin so ....
During the men's chance food left was very little (nah! the women hadn't eaten all fact it was in a small quantity)..khair..By Allah's barakah all were able to eat well...
One aunty came who has a beautiful daughter with VERY beautiful hair..all long,black,shiny and thick...But horrors of horrors she had cut them really really short!!..ugh!! i hate it when girls cut their hair short..all praised n my sis sat silent coz "if you can't speak good then keep silent" and i hate lying "OMG u look so pretty"...ok she looked nice coz she is really adorable and will look bt4l even if i guess she goes bald (ok that was an exaggeration)...But i think girls cutting their hair is a sort of ungratefulness to Allah's blessing..anyway this is my personal belief!

Here its a trend to talk to your small ones in English..and it drives me mad!! Why? Coz a child should know his/her native tongue properly..and even if they r in west its understandable..but here..come on your kids won't be cool if they speak fact what they get quite slow in getting what you say...they can't even cry in their own language..they don't have command over one languag..coz their parents are indian or pakis and english ain't their mother tongue so u expect the kind of english they would speak..And now is the need to teach your kids their mother tongue coz english eventually everyone learns..Neo colonisation at its extent!!

right now while i'm posting i can very clearly hear the juma khutba going on ..the masjid is literally a few feets away...and now the aqamat is being said and its DITTO LIKE THAT OF HARAM!!! mashAllah it feels i'm there in mekkah..My sis and me like always had planned to go to masjid..but then i thought of the hadeeth

Narrated by Ibn 'Umar: Allah's Apostle said: “Do not prevent women (wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, etc) from (praying at) mosques. Yet, their prayer at home is better (for them).”

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "A woman’s prayer in her house is better than her prayer in her courtyard, and her prayer in her chamber is better than her prayer in her house." (Abu Dawud)

So we decided to stay at home and inshAllah we'll pray in umrah at masjid nabwi..yay! inshAllah! that's all for now..

JazkAllah khair...
~Cool Muslimah~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Am leaving bye,,..Photos i took


Am leaving for umrah in a sec.....i'll answer everybody's last post query on 11th iunshALSlh.

Thought i would share some pix i took from my cell phone.

1.Pics i took of a beach where we had gathered for barbeque in the land of desert-

These pix i took in India whilst travelling to my grandma's place-

Pix my sis took from the plane