Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm back from umrah alhamdulillah............

16th July'2009.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu......
All thanks to Allah....bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen.

Yes..alhamdulillah i returned from umrah 3 days back..was meaning to blog the next day but i have soooooo much to write and relate that i dunno from where to begin and where to end...MashAllah what an experience...

The closeness with your religion, the companionship and love that emanates in the two holy cities for your fellow muslim bretheren, the barakah always descending, the throngs of people ranging from all nationalities,old people,young men and women, cute cherubic lovely children (mashAllah), people of all colour, class and nation-indonesian,malaysian,pakistani,Turkey,irani,syrian,Indian,Lebanese,South African....endless mashAllah.Young boys and men with beards,in thoub, saafa and topis..small girls prancing around in hijab,people crying away their griefs in front of the house of Allah, people supplicating and doing duas in their on mother tongues oblivious to the surroundings and people- reminding you of the day of Qiyamat (the Day of judgement)..the athan resonating through the city of Mekkah where once the kuffars didn't let muslims pray openly and then the multitudes of people and their buzz all silenced down once the Imam said Allahuakbar indicating the beginning of salat or namaz. It would be pin drop silence all silently bowed in front of their beloved Allah..i can't find words to express could be just felt..something seemed to warm you from inside..tears themselves made their way specially when Sheikh Sudais led the Fajr prayers in Mekkah..subhanAllah it was amazing!!

Our 10 day trip was from the hassles of wordly materialistic persuits.

I did lots of duas....may Allah accept them...It was soo funny i did tawaf and at the Ruadha (tomb) of our beloved Prophet Mohammad salalllaho alayhi wassalllam I did dua and the name was not the ordinary names but "sacrifice for allah" coz i dont know her original!!

I have so much to tell you all..simple things...some rich experiences and upload pix of the desert land ... I'm planning on making a new blog for my umrah trip.. whatsay??

~CooL MuslimaH~