Monday, July 24, 2006

photos of arab land

Assalamualaykum warahmatullah
a rather late comeback!! actually i was cut off from internet for 2 months....inshalllah i'lll come a bit frequently..

here are some random pix of the arab desert land where i am right now..... a dates laden tree
a more clear view
the arab style of dressing.
a masjid

again desert
date trees

Islamic library

surprised! water in a desert..actually this country is an island desert

The Grand Mosque
hope u enjoyed.....ur comments r welcome!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

happenings of this month

Its ages since i posted mainly coz of my laziness and secondly i am forever on MM. Well a lot has happened in the past month.

1.ZIDANE'S FANTASTIC HEADBUTT- I truly admire Zidane now.He sure showed that he has a noble character not caring whether a million fans were watching him nor of the fact that it was his last match.He gave what that scum bag %&#$% racist materazzi guy deserved.*applauds and gives a standing ovation to Zinedine Zidane*.May Allah give him hidaya and guide him to the right path-Islam.(ameen).

2.Israel attacks Lebanon-Yesterday my FAther pointed out a really interesting thing.. try to understand!!
1. URDU BBC they have the main headline- Heavy fighting in Lebanon..many civilians killed + photos of children wounded and sobbing, people all smeared in blood.check it-BBC URDU

2.Yet the same version of BBC ENGLISH..the news u will find there will be- Hizbollah launches missile, two israeli soldiers killed, and focusing mainly on HAifa all the timesee it for urself-BBC ENGLISHcan u see the trick and the logic behind it??

1. The urdu paper is viewd by MUSLIMS - pakistanis and indian muslims.So , when they will see these news of destruction they would get either DEMORALIZED , feel helpless, think that "really isreal is so powerful..we can't do anything" or it will give birth to TERRORISTS (as they wud feeel anger on seeing the pix and wud take up jihad) which the isrealis and US want in order to promote the negative image of islam in the world.

2.As for the English BBC the people who read it we all know-Europeans,US....almost whole world.So these people would seee all negative stuff of Hizbollah, muslims as terrorists plundering HAifa, and pity the killed israeli soldiers.Got it? THE MOST CUNNING PEOPLE-ISRAELIS!!they rule the media and hence the wolrd!!

May Allah guide the kuffars to the right path and give all muslim brothers and sisters peace in the world and hereafter.ameen. wassalam.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Assalamalaykum warahmatullah
These are some pictures I took in umrah last week...Mind you everyone I took these pictures for only one purpose-DAWA'H. Only with the intention that people might see how beautiful and heavenly these 2 holy places (Mekkah mukarramah and Madinah Munavvarah) are and they would inshallah try thier best to visit these places soon.
As taking pictures of Living things (human beings and animals) is not permissible I've tried my best that none of the photo has any human face visible.And Allah knows best.Kindly let me know if someone is sure i've commited wrong.

Masjid Al-Haram-"The Sacred Mosque", is a large mosque in the city of Mecca. It surrounds the Kaaba, the place which all Muslims turn towards each day in prayer, considered by Muslims to be the holiest place on Earth.

the verandah from where we first get a glimpse of the magnificient Kaabah.
This is the Masaa (the place of doing saee between Safa and marwa)

The mount Safa
A Zamzam water cooler(there are thousands) this one is in the exterior of the masjid
in the interior there are more small and compact coolers.

a view of the outside of MAsjid Haram-(all below pix are of outer area of Al-Haram)

a view of Masjid Al-Haram

all the above pics were of the outer area of MAsjid Haram.
people going to pray for Dhuhr.

Pix of Madina-

The most beloved part Of masjid nabvi.See the green dome below it is the Rauza (grave) of Prophet Mohammad Salallaho Alayhi Wassalam

an outer view of Masjid Nabvi


Masjid NAbvi

interior of MAsjid nabvi(taken by my brother case u r thinking how come i barged into men's section:)

Masjid Quba

Hope u all liked the pix....................................


take care.

Monday, July 03, 2006

back from umrah!!

Assalamalaykum folks

V just returned from umrah today alhamdulillah.Our umrah went very smooth and wonderful thanx to Allah subhano ta'ala.We reached Mekkah Mukarramah after a 17 hour drive in bus along with people of various nationalities viz. moroccan,turkish,pakistanis,indians,bahraini arabs....
We reached Mekkah Mukarramah on thursday.We have seen the kaaba twice before but seeing the Kaaba is always an incredible sensation which cannot be described.You can feel it once u reach in front of that marvellous Baitullah (house of allah i.e Kaaba) We did umrah.As usual there was a rush of people but to us it seemed empty coz we had last seen the Huge rush of hajj mashallah.
We met our uncle's family from canada in Haram after 5 years.We all ate roasted chicken,shawarma,chicken burgers,pakistani food......slurp...all HALAL (obviously :) Ah! the delights if living in arab world.And u get chapati,salad,raaita free of cost!!
Ok enough about food..i just can' help it..hehehe...
On thursday night there was a great rush of people as next day was friday and its weekend for saudis.On friday after fajr amma and me did tawaaf and tried to touch the hajre aswad (the black stone) but there was such a rush of people there that we came back.
It so wonderful in mekkah and madinah...people always going towards the two holy masjids...only muslims..b4 entering madina and makkah..a few kilometres before ...there's a board -"MUSLIMS ONLY" and "NON MUSLIMS THIS WAY" !!
The call of athan and the shopkeepers close their shops ..the usually bustling bazaar is empty..every1 just goes towards the masjid..and once the Imam stands for namaz there;s pin drop silence ..the whole crowd is hushed and bowed in front of THE ONE AND ONLY ONE -ALLLAH THE ALMIGHTY!!!!
On friday after isha amma and me again did tawaf and reached upto the hajre aswad and alhamdulillah after a while we were able to touch it.I kissed it 3 times and thanked allah for letting me sinner touch it.
Then we reached Madina Munavvarah on saturday and prayed 2 nafl in Masjid Quba and visited Mount Uhud and prayed for the martyrs (shuhuda) of Battle of Uhud.
Then at last we saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL masjid of the whole world-Masjid Nabvi!! Its absolutely breathtaking!! How i wish some non muslim could just see the namaz in the 2 masjid..sooooo many people without any hungama doing worship peacefully mashallah and prostrating in front of ALLAh subhanota'la.I do hope u all might soon visit the 2 holy places inshallah.
We went to the Rauza in MAsjid Nabvi and said our salam 2 Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho Alayhi Wassalam,Abu BAkr Razi allahu ta'la anhu and Umar Raziallahu ta'ala anhu.We alhamdulillah got a chance to pray 4 nafil in Riyazul Jannah,( to see what it is .see the below post on madina munavvarah).
Altogether it was a nice trip.May allah accept everyone's umrah and duas.And grant us many opportunities to visit soon.

I'll post the pictures soon inshallah, maybe in a day or two.

Any mistake or question?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

some pix v took in madina (saudi arabia)

Assalamalaykum everybody
We are inshallah going to umrah on 28june and returning on 3rd July inshallah.We'll pray juma in Mekkah Mukarramah inshallah and spend 1 day in Madina Munavvarah inshallah.Anyone has any special duas?? or Anyone wants to send thier salam 2 Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho Alayhi Wassalam at his Mubarak Rauza (grave) in Masjid Nabvi??

Here i write about our trip to MAdinah Munavvarah in hajj and umrah both-
Masjid-e-Nabvi is BEAUTIFUL extremely heavenly BEAUTIFUL!! U marvel at its beauty.Afterall its the masjid of prophet(PBUH).He along with Sahabiya(his companions) had built it.First it was built with Date leaves, mud...Now it has so beautiful and intricate carvings in the pillars, air conditioned and all.We went to Roza-e -Aqdas ( the place where Prophet (PBUH) was buried) which was the hijra (house) of Hazrat Aisha Razi Allah taala Anha.At the roza -e Aqdas`we went to say our salam to Prophet Mohammed Salallaho Alayhi Wassallam.It's a very very emotional and heartwarming sensation.It is said that when u visit the Roza-e-Aqdas it is as if u hav visited Huzoor Aqdas Sallalaho Alayhi Wassalam in person.

In hajj-After putting everything in hotel v go to MAsjid NAbvi.The beautiful and magnificient masjid with 41 gates to enter inside. Due to hajj it is full of people.So we pray outside.If u go 1 or 2 hrs b4 namaz time then u can get space inside.Well after praying isha we cum back coz the masjid closes at around 11:30pm.And also we won't be able 2 go to the Rauza(grave of Prophet Mohammed Salallaho Alayhi Wassalam).As women have their time after fajr and from 11 to 1 pm. We wake at 2pm and take bath wear good clothes and set 2wards the holy mosque.There is a peaceful atmosphere in Madinah Munavvarah.Though there are thousands of people here but still there is a quiteness and calm preavailing over whole of madinah.The people of MAdinah are also soft natured. Its tahajjud time.Masjid is almost empty in women's section.We enter from the gate no.29 as from here the partition will be opened for women to go to the Rauza.there Bab-e-Jibril: Through this gate Hazrat Jibril, the angel, used to visit the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). This is the gate Through which we go to Jannat-ul-Baqi'.

We occupy the space near to the partition.There are women of different nationalities to be seen.On my right hand and behind are indonesians.In front of me is a group of Nigerians.Just near them are Turkish old ladies.Some pakistanis can also be spotted.(Indian and pakistanis are less to be seen coz they come after hajj is over to MAdinah Munavvarah.) Irani women are also sitting.Thus, women of every country can be seen here. Afetr fajr every1 stands up in anticipation that the partition will be opened any time.After 1 hour of sabr the partition opens from the other end.UGHHH!!! but sabr we have 2 do in the whole hajj.well, women are rushing.U dont have 2 walk.the flow of crowd will take u.So we wait for some time then go calmly with bowed heads,tears streaming,heart beating with excitement and durood on our lips.As the Rauza draws nearer so does our excitement grows. Now the rauza is in front of us.The most paak ,most beautiful,most precious strip of land in the whole universe.Oh! what a wonderful feeling.We say our salam quitely to first Rasool aqdas salallaho alayhi wassalam the beloved prophet of Allah subhano taala.Then to HAzrat Abu BAkr Raziallah taala anhu(who is buried on one side of Rasool aqdas sallallaho alayhi wassalam).then say our salam 2 hazrat Umar raziallah talah anhu. Do duas whatever comes in mind. We want 2 go to Riyaz ul Jannnah 2 pray( the strip between the Rauza and rasool's mimbar where praying nafil holds lot of sawab).It is marked with green carpet.But going there is very difficult as there is throng of women there.So we just go and pray nafil somewhere near and do lots of dua specially for our ummah and that may Allah subahano taala accept Prophet MOhammad Salaallalaho alayhi wassalam's shifa'at for us on the day of qiyamat (judgement).Then we come back.Go back to hotel.Come again for Zuhur and then go after isha.
After every farz namaz there's a namaz of janazah (dead) also. 3 days we spend in MAdinah Munavvarah.ONe more chance we get 2 go to RAuza but going to Riyaz ul JAnnah is again very very difficult.,Also we don't do much effort 2 go as we had the chance 2 pray there in Umrah Alhamdulillah.The mimbar can be seen where Huzooor used to do imamat(heading) of namaz.But truly, we couldn't see much due to the rush of people.Then next day we again went 2 the Rauza with great difficulty,Said our salam and did lots of duas.Prayed that may Allah bring us here again and again.Then with numb heart we came back.(did one more effort 2 go to riyaz ul jannah but in vain).
Then we went to see Uhud the mountain where the famous Islamic war took plcae-Ghizva-e-Uhud.The mountain about which Prophet Huzoor Aqdas Salallaho Alayhi Wassalam said that i love this mountain.This mountain is a mountain of jannnat.

We said salam 2 shuhuda (martyrs) of Ghizwa uhud.Prayed for them that MAy Allah Subhano taala grant them the highest level of jannah.And may we also have the same spirit of sacrifice for islam.At the Battle of Uhud there were about 3000 mushrikeen who wanted to avenge the defeat of Badr and about 700 Muslims.
We also saw the mountain on which Prophet Mohammed salalllaho alayhi wassalam had put on gaurd some sahabis.And had asked them not to go move from that place.But as soon as the muslims started gaining power on kaaafir and the kaafir started running away those sahabis thought that we have gained victory and they ran down.Their leader stopped them but they said now we r victorious.As soon as the kaafir saw that place ungaurded and only a handful of sahabi there they attacked from there.This caused panic among muslims.On top of that the kaafir rumoured that Prophet Mohammed Salalllaho alayhi wassalam got shaheed.This caused great despair among the sahabis.Then Anas raziallah tala anhu called the sahabis and they then fought bravely with the kuffar. Although militarily the Battle of Uhud was not a victory for the Muslims it was also not a victory for the mushrikeen. If you look at it from another point of view the Battle was a victory for the Muslims as many lessons can be derived from it. The Battle of Uhud: Victory - Not Defeat

During hajj-there were groups of people 2 visit uhud.Turkish old men and women.A man with a bosnia flag and people of bosnia behind him.People gathered round their leaders and following them just like on the day of qiyamat when every ummat will follow its prophet.

We also saw the mountain calle Jabal-e-eer .This mountain is a mountain of Jahannum(hell).on the day of qayamat it will be thrown in jahannum.

We also went to BAdr where another famous war Badr took place in which there were about 1000 mushrikeen and about 300 Muslims and Prophet Mohammmed (SAW) prayed for the muslims victory for 3 days and his dua was accepted and now Masjid Ureesh is built at that place and we prayed there.Near the battlefield there was the mountain where farishtay(angels ) had descended to fight for the muslims.The muslims had been victorious. During our return from Badr we also visited a well called BAir-ur-Roha.(Bair is an arabic word for well).Near this well there was a masjid and 70 prophets had visited this masjid including Prophet Mohammed Salallaho Alayhi Wassalam.We took water from that well and prayed in that masjid. The Battle of Badr

We also went to mAsjid Quba the first masjid which was built after Prophet Mohammad Sallalaho Alayhi wassalam did hijrat to Madinah Munavvarah.HE laid the foundation of this masjid.Praying namaz in this masjid holds a lot of Fazeelat(reward).We prayed namaz there. [Masjid-e-Quba. It is a Mosque three miles before the boundaries of Medina. The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) himself participated in its construction. It is the first Mosque of Muslims in the vicinity of Madina. Offering two Raka'at of Nafl (supererogatory) prayer, here is equivalent to one Umra in reward].

We also saw the place where Sahabiya's(companions of Huzoor Aqdas Salallaho Alayhi Wassalam) had gathered to greet Prophet S.A.W(PBUH) when he came to Madinah after Hijrat.

Then we went 2 masjid qiblatain the masjid where the wahi ( the message which hazrat Jibraeel alayhissalam used 2 bring from Allah subahnotala) came that Kaabah was now made the qibla for namaz instead of MAsjid Aqsa ( in Palestine).So it is named Masjid Qiblatein.
Jannat-ul-Baqi': It is the Graveyard of Madina where the uncle of the Holy Prophet, (Peace be upon him) Hazrat Abbas, Hazrat Imam Hasan, Hazrat Uthman and thousands of other noble companions of the Holy Prophet have been interred. In addition to that, among those buried here are also the son of the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Halima Sa'dia and all other Ummahat-ul-Mu'minin (the Mothers of the faithful) with the exception of Hazrat Maimona as the place of her burial is Sarif. but we didn't go there only the men went there.
Here are a few pix we took in madina munavvarah (except that of masjid nabvi)-

The masjid-e-nabvi.the masjid of our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (salallaho alayhi wassalam)
^The interior of masjid nabvi...near his grave.(rauza)
^ see the green dome..below it lies the most wonderful strip of land..theplace where our Beloved Prophet lies.

^ an aerial view of MAsjid Nabvi
^ see the big white domes..they slide apart to reveal the sky above!
^ a historical place-MOuntain UHAD!!where the famous Islamic war took plcae-Ghizva-e-Uhud.The mountain about which Prophet Salallaho Alayhi Wassalam said that i love this mountain.This mountain is a mountain of jannnah.
pilgrims near the uhud
Masjid Ureesh! it near the battlefield this place..Prophet Mohammad (salallaho alayhi wassalam) did dua for the muslims to be victorious.It has now been built into a very beautiful masjid mashallah.
^ same
^ battlefield BADR!!where another famous war jang-e-Badr took place At the Battle of Badr there were about 1000 mushrikeen and about 300 Muslims and Prophet Mohammmed (SAW) prayed for the muslims victory for 3 days and his dua was accepted and now Masjid Ureesh is built at that place and we prayed there.Near the field of war there was the mountain where farishtay(angels ) had descended to fight for the muslims.The muslims had been victorious
^ a well near masjid ureesh
^ place where Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho alayhi wassalam did
3 special duas for his ummah.

P.S- If i have made any mistake correct me so..inshallah will post the pix of MEkkah mukarramah soon.