Monday, July 24, 2006

photos of arab land

Assalamualaykum warahmatullah
a rather late comeback!! actually i was cut off from internet for 2 months....inshalllah i'lll come a bit frequently..

here are some random pix of the arab desert land where i am right now..... a dates laden tree
a more clear view
the arab style of dressing.
a masjid

again desert
date trees

Islamic library

surprised! water in a desert..actually this country is an island desert

The Grand Mosque
hope u enjoyed.....ur comments r welcome!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

happenings of this month

Its ages since i posted mainly coz of my laziness and secondly i am forever on MM. Well a lot has happened in the past month.

1.ZIDANE'S FANTASTIC HEADBUTT- I truly admire Zidane now.He sure showed that he has a noble character not caring whether a million fans were watching him nor of the fact that it was his last match.He gave what that scum bag %&#$% racist materazzi guy deserved.*applauds and gives a standing ovation to Zinedine Zidane*.May Allah give him hidaya and guide him to the right path-Islam.(ameen).

2.Israel attacks Lebanon-Yesterday my FAther pointed out a really interesting thing.. try to understand!!
1. URDU BBC they have the main headline- Heavy fighting in Lebanon..many civilians killed + photos of children wounded and sobbing, people all smeared in blood.check it-BBC URDU

2.Yet the same version of BBC ENGLISH..the news u will find there will be- Hizbollah launches missile, two israeli soldiers killed, and focusing mainly on HAifa all the timesee it for urself-BBC ENGLISHcan u see the trick and the logic behind it??

1. The urdu paper is viewd by MUSLIMS - pakistanis and indian muslims.So , when they will see these news of destruction they would get either DEMORALIZED , feel helpless, think that "really isreal is so powerful..we can't do anything" or it will give birth to TERRORISTS (as they wud feeel anger on seeing the pix and wud take up jihad) which the isrealis and US want in order to promote the negative image of islam in the world.

2.As for the English BBC the people who read it we all know-Europeans,US....almost whole world.So these people would seee all negative stuff of Hizbollah, muslims as terrorists plundering HAifa, and pity the killed israeli soldiers.Got it? THE MOST CUNNING PEOPLE-ISRAELIS!!they rule the media and hence the wolrd!!

May Allah guide the kuffars to the right path and give all muslim brothers and sisters peace in the world and hereafter.ameen. wassalam.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Assalamalaykum warahmatullah
These are some pictures I took in umrah last week...Mind you everyone I took these pictures for only one purpose-DAWA'H. Only with the intention that people might see how beautiful and heavenly these 2 holy places (Mekkah mukarramah and Madinah Munavvarah) are and they would inshallah try thier best to visit these places soon.
As taking pictures of Living things (human beings and animals) is not permissible I've tried my best that none of the photo has any human face visible.And Allah knows best.Kindly let me know if someone is sure i've commited wrong.

Masjid Al-Haram-"The Sacred Mosque", is a large mosque in the city of Mecca. It surrounds the Kaaba, the place which all Muslims turn towards each day in prayer, considered by Muslims to be the holiest place on Earth.

the verandah from where we first get a glimpse of the magnificient Kaabah.
This is the Masaa (the place of doing saee between Safa and marwa)

The mount Safa
A Zamzam water cooler(there are thousands) this one is in the exterior of the masjid
in the interior there are more small and compact coolers.

a view of the outside of MAsjid Haram-(all below pix are of outer area of Al-Haram)

a view of Masjid Al-Haram

all the above pics were of the outer area of MAsjid Haram.
people going to pray for Dhuhr.

Pix of Madina-

The most beloved part Of masjid nabvi.See the green dome below it is the Rauza (grave) of Prophet Mohammad Salallaho Alayhi Wassalam

an outer view of Masjid Nabvi


Masjid NAbvi

interior of MAsjid nabvi(taken by my brother case u r thinking how come i barged into men's section:)

Masjid Quba

Hope u all liked the pix....................................


take care.

Monday, July 03, 2006

back from umrah!!

Assalamalaykum folks

V just returned from umrah today alhamdulillah.Our umrah went very smooth and wonderful thanx to Allah subhano ta'ala.We reached Mekkah Mukarramah after a 17 hour drive in bus along with people of various nationalities viz. moroccan,turkish,pakistanis,indians,bahraini arabs....
We reached Mekkah Mukarramah on thursday.We have seen the kaaba twice before but seeing the Kaaba is always an incredible sensation which cannot be described.You can feel it once u reach in front of that marvellous Baitullah (house of allah i.e Kaaba) We did umrah.As usual there was a rush of people but to us it seemed empty coz we had last seen the Huge rush of hajj mashallah.
We met our uncle's family from canada in Haram after 5 years.We all ate roasted chicken,shawarma,chicken burgers,pakistani food......slurp...all HALAL (obviously :) Ah! the delights if living in arab world.And u get chapati,salad,raaita free of cost!!
Ok enough about food..i just can' help it..hehehe...
On thursday night there was a great rush of people as next day was friday and its weekend for saudis.On friday after fajr amma and me did tawaaf and tried to touch the hajre aswad (the black stone) but there was such a rush of people there that we came back.
It so wonderful in mekkah and madinah...people always going towards the two holy masjids...only muslims..b4 entering madina and makkah..a few kilometres before ...there's a board -"MUSLIMS ONLY" and "NON MUSLIMS THIS WAY" !!
The call of athan and the shopkeepers close their shops ..the usually bustling bazaar is empty..every1 just goes towards the masjid..and once the Imam stands for namaz there;s pin drop silence ..the whole crowd is hushed and bowed in front of THE ONE AND ONLY ONE -ALLLAH THE ALMIGHTY!!!!
On friday after isha amma and me again did tawaf and reached upto the hajre aswad and alhamdulillah after a while we were able to touch it.I kissed it 3 times and thanked allah for letting me sinner touch it.
Then we reached Madina Munavvarah on saturday and prayed 2 nafl in Masjid Quba and visited Mount Uhud and prayed for the martyrs (shuhuda) of Battle of Uhud.
Then at last we saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL masjid of the whole world-Masjid Nabvi!! Its absolutely breathtaking!! How i wish some non muslim could just see the namaz in the 2 masjid..sooooo many people without any hungama doing worship peacefully mashallah and prostrating in front of ALLAh subhanota'la.I do hope u all might soon visit the 2 holy places inshallah.
We went to the Rauza in MAsjid Nabvi and said our salam 2 Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho Alayhi Wassalam,Abu BAkr Razi allahu ta'la anhu and Umar Raziallahu ta'ala anhu.We alhamdulillah got a chance to pray 4 nafil in Riyazul Jannah,( to see what it is .see the below post on madina munavvarah).
Altogether it was a nice trip.May allah accept everyone's umrah and duas.And grant us many opportunities to visit soon.

I'll post the pictures soon inshallah, maybe in a day or two.

Any mistake or question?