Thursday, January 04, 2007

It was time to go to were purchased...suitcases jam packed!! We reached india and i had specially remembered 2 bring some things for the womenfolk who work at our place-cooking cleaning making roti..............U might be thinking what's thr gr8 deal in buying a gift for some house maid? wait wait...i'm coming to the point.I happily gave her the pair of slippers and earrings i had bought for her and the toys for her kids..But............................she just turned the pair of slipper in her hands and said"that's all u have bought for me?" ..I felt stung,bad!! Its not that i wanted her 2 bow or curtesy me or even thank me.It was just her ungratefulness that shook me.
It made me realize that wait!.........don't i do it many a times.When i buy something i badly wanted i just frown and say with a sigh "how i wish i could get a better one"!! Never giving a thought that Allah subhano ta'ala blessed me and i'm turning it down without even thinking of the scores of people who do not have it.....instead of saying "alhamdulillah" for the thing i have bought i am already thinking of some other "good and better" thing that i now want desperately.
It happens with us many times.We get some awesome set of clothes, a beautiful mobile many times do we thank our creator we always read the dua of wearing new clothes?? or we tend to forget it in our ungratefulness.Our exam goes fabulous do we thank Allah or r v so naive that v think its our own genious mind which did it? fail to look at the so many blessing (naimat) that Allah has bestowed upon us be it parents, siblings, good frenz , eyes to see , legs to walk and lastly the biggest blessing which can be bestowed on any human being-I AM A MUSLIM!! isn't it the greatest thng one can be saved from the hell fire, to know Allah is always there for u.

Monday, January 01, 2007



I was away since sep....whew!!

anyway.. a lot happened since then.The latest being Saddam's execution.Some people say he was a tyrant so he got what he deserved.Had the iraqis themselve hanged him i wouldn't had any problem..but who is the US to butt in every matter??
They themselves are killing thousands of iraqi civilians, torturing innoccents in abu Ghraib,Guantonamo..........and hanging a dictator of his own country in which they themselves have created a havoc.What an irony!!

May Allah forgive him and give everyone hidaya,ameen.