Sunday, May 24, 2009


Its been ages since I posted ( oh! i have often typed this statement on my blog..hahah)..and i should admit my mind is still blank and my writing skills have quite rusted in the past stagnant months (or years..hmmm..can't remember).
Anyway inshAllah will come up with something...Just finished my exams ("just" means almost a month..hehe) .

Exams bring an important aspect to my mind.. Exams always bring me closer to Allah or I should say I am more focussed in my Salah and more fervent in my duas..ISn't that selfish?? But I remember 2 years back i lost my brother's and mine can imagine the tension it can give mainly because it meant we won't be able to travel to meet our parents , plus undergoing the tedious process of getting it issued again.. Anyway, the moment we got to know my bro and me both started parying nafl,doing duas ardently and reading Quranic ayahs for retaining lost items...It made me question my Aunt that isn't it soo selfish on our part? She replied in her soothing manner that when a person strays away from good deeds Allah subhanota'la makes the person undergo a small trial..if the person is patient and turns to Allah then Allah is happy but....if he still doesn't pay heed then Allah leaves him to his own state. and man that's scary...what are we without our Lord? So never let that damned Satan trick you into thinking that -like, "duh! its so selfish of me to pray when in misery or during exams"...Yeah! ideally we should be thankful and devoted to Allah in every state of our life but what teeny bit of good deed you can do don't let it go waste..coz on the day of Qiyamat even a small good deed can save us from hell fire..(just like that sinful woman who was forgiven just coz she gave water to a thirsty dog!).So be steadfast as much as you can. and Allah knows best.
P.S-In the unlikely case that you have endured reading uptill here..then first of all congratulations for your patience and thanks for taking the pains to read my post..JazakAllah...have a nice day. ~Cool Muslimah~