Thursday, May 18, 2006

Assalamalaykum..let's discuss bout HP!

Hello there everybody!!!

This is my very first posting on this blog..I dont know what 2 write....Anyway...the only topic that's quite common is HArry Potter ( i can c u frowning "karachi gem").LOL...
The first 4 parts r my best..5th was also good.But the 6th was totally bakwas.firstly, i hated ron's part in it fred n george.. dumbledore died..snape betrayed...etc. etc. But yeah! i did pity draco Malfoy (whom i used 2 hate b4). i'v started the topic.Anyone wanna leave any remark u r most welcome...but kindly refrain from indecent n vulgar remarks.

p.s-Inshallah i'd b posting about my hajj trip soon (with pics n audio) so those interested keep on checking...specially "london z"..i know u r waiting very pateintly for it.


me said...


great going..nice 2 know u created a blog...

I'm too a harry potter geek.third part was the best..I HATE 6th part coz of dumbledore....
will write soon.
c ya!

nabila said...


i agree with you there zenab...but i think the 3rd book was the best, the 6th wasn't very good!

anyway i really like your blog and hope it all goes well (insha'allah),

from nabila

jonny d said... be there and be square

karachi gem said...

I don't know how much to roll my eyes at you people. Really! To think- completely sane, intelligent and saheehul aqeeda people have been duped by some four-eyed, short geek who lives in a fantasy world with lots of bad people who can all somehow cast spells on each other. Get real people, the world is more wider than you think.

Anyway expected rant over...great read...mate keep it up.

CooL MuslimaH said...


I knew u wud hate this topic KArachi Gem! yeah ! mate its hard 2 keep away from HP..just like u find it difficult 2 keep away from eye shades and dua 4 us!!!