Sunday, May 21, 2006

want 2 control some gunaah?

Assalamalaykum warahmatullah

A very good website for those who want to strengthen their Imaan.It is a whole treasure chest of Maulana hakeem akhtar's bayaans. He is this peer in karachi and he is absolutely wonderful masha allah. All he talks about is how to get closer to allah and how to leave those wretched gunah's and he is soooo convincing masha allah. I strongly recommend you listen to him-

Click on any bayan (lecture) you fancy and enjoy! This Person is a verrrrrrrry great orator and he tells about the Qayamat,life after death and very wonderful will move u 2 go ahead n listen 2 any one of his's SUPERB!

2.If u have any sort of problem regarding ur deen and life.I mean u want 2 ask any sort of question be it -how 2 pray,how 2 do dua,how 2 control ur desires,how 2 control ur temper............etc etc then see the following sites- ( a very good website mashallah)


Edward Ott said...

Very nice thank you for providing all the cool links.


CooL MuslimaH said...


u r most welcome brother!

Soheb said...

the islamonline site is infact very nice and very useful...will read it in detail when im free...thanks fr the links...

Hiba said...

zenab ur blog is very informative and provides sufficient information about islam.the links are also nice and in great keep updating it.

CooL MuslimaH said...

thank you hiba:)