Friday, June 09, 2006

can non arabs read quran???

Living in arab world for 1 year has been a nice experience..i got 2 know about the arabs,thier way of living..thier unique traits and STRONG UNSHAKABLE IMAN OR FAITH IN ALLAH!!
When encountered with arabs they find it difficult to understand that being muslims v can be indian..then their next question is do v know arabic? when answered in the negative they shoot the question-then how do u read Quran?? we explain them patiently that we can read arabic but neither speak it or understand it.,,yet i have a feeling they never accept this logic.

In Hajj i was reading Quran in Mina when an egyptian woman of our group asked me -"is it in arabic?" I said "of course yes"...she said "r u able to understand every word's meaning"? Sadly i shook my head "no"...Then still looking doubtful she asked me to look at the Quran ,I gave it to her...i told my dad that she might have thought me so foolish ..reading the Quran but not understanding a single word..My dad said" no its not foolish ..on the contrary its quite amazing how the muslims of the whole world from china to africa can read the Quran whether they understand or not"...that left me satisfied but how 2 explain this to that egyptian:)
Then that day an arab family came to our home.I showed that arab girl how we read the Quran in arabic and read its translation in urdu/english.I frantically explained her that EVERY muslim in the whole world can read Quran.

Another question that they ask is -r there muslims in India?? HAHAHA. So for every indian who may face such a situation let me tell-the no. of muslims in India is equal to the no. of muslims in the whole arab world i.e the muslims of india occupy the world's third largest muslim population in the whole world ALHAMDULILLAH!

Another annoying ques. is asked by our paki brothers and sisters though i find it logical..Our neighbour aunty who is from Peshawar asked us-Do u know how to read urdu??....In hajj also pakistani women asked us-do u know urdu?? come on yaar! u took urdu from North India (Lucknow,Aligarh,Delhi...) and u ask us...LOL..But i find it acceptable!!

Inshallah i'll soon write more about the arabs..some things which i have experienced.


Karachi gem said...

interesting...i never knew arabs thought that about us...I laughed at the weird questions you get from other cultures and it does get well common one we get here in england about the headscarf is : do you wear that even when your asleep?!. Patiently explaining really seems a big nafs-beater at the time! Once my sis asked in great does zenab live amongst all those hindus...I said exactly how we live amongst all these gorey lot!! A big 'oh' was her answer!

Karachi gem said...

Can we see some more posts please...

CooL MuslimaH said...

karachi gem..u r really sweet...u were the least person whom i expected 2 post commenst on my blog...seeing ur busy schedule(wink)..but i'm honoured mate..thanks alot!!!
Well as i told u b4 the place where v live is a muslim dominated area so alhamdulillah no problems at all...the masjid is literlally a few steps from our home..u know our city is called "pakistan of india"
inshallah will post soon...