Saturday, June 17, 2006

u know sharukh khan,britney,beckham?? ya ya sure

One meets an Indian muslim kid-

Assalamualaikum beta

walessalm (huh! i think i cudn't hear properly....i think the kid is eating something...that explains his distorted waleykumassalam) That's true..u can hardly find any young people who will say clearly"assalamualaykum"..which means "Peace be upon you".
Then u ask the kid

"beta do u know Shahrukh Khan?"

he stares at u in disbelief shocked that one could ask such an absurd question..
"of course man every1 knows bout sharukh khan or madonna or tom cruise"..( and all those silly old dumbos!!)...oh u ask any child bout the whole family tree of Aishwarya Rai, Salman Khan and how many movies they have acted mashallah ..wonderful general knowledge of today's muslim youth.Then one tentatively asks

"ummm..beta u know Prophet Mohammad Salallaho Alayhi wassalam?"

the child screws up his face trying to rake his memory

"uh ..duh..ya..umm..oh! yes i remeber he's our prophet..uh..right?"

alhamdulillah atleast he knows that."yes child he was our last prophet"..the child looks disinterested thinking how cum this hijabi niqabi preacher got hold of me..Again u cautiously ask
"ummm do you by any lucky chance know the name of Prophet Mohammad salallaho alayhi wassalam's father,mother,children,wives?"..

a blank face..stupid stare u recieve...

"how come i can memorise soooooo many names?" ..

Oh! really what a duanting task..

"dear boy ..u know harry potter?"...
"do u remeber who were his friends..umm something like Don Teasly?"..

stares at u shell shocked.

"What the hell..its Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger.other frenz of HP are Dean Thomas,Neville Longbottom,..................................endless and his teachers are..Professor MAc Gonagall,Albus Dumbledore..........................................."goes on till half an hour

.."ok ok child i know ..u've got a wonderful yet strange memory..wonderful coz u even remember the surname of every character and strange that to remember about the prophet u find it an uphill task".....

U try the last straw

"ok smart kid..u know surah ikhlaas?"...
"what??? surah??what is this?" ....
"sorry sorry i meant -qul huallaho ahad..."
"ya ya i know it..i sometimes heard it in masjid behind the imam"..
."oh ! gr8 that's a good boy! any other surah is a sort of small part of Quran".
."no man! the Quran is too difficult to memorize".
."Oh! yeah u r right kid..ah! ya u know the latest movie of Kajol"..
"YES!! its"*#$%&*".. shall i tell u the story..its cool..its end is shoot wow so cool"..
."no no some other u know any song of this movie?"...
."ANY SONG??? i know all the 5 songs by heart"...the boy says proudly..
"i know each and every song of the movies that i have seen till now"..
.good very good child keep it up..may allah give u hidayat!!

This is a painful truth which one can witness in India nowadays..u ask any1 about the Bollowood/Hollywood..they know the teeniest details..but when it comes to ISlam v r blank....u ask every youth or kid bout Beckham,Tendulkar,Tom Cruise,Shakira.......endless..they can tell u the brand of the clothes they wear.But when it comes to just the names of the sahabees (companions of Prophet Mohammad Salallaho Alayhi wassalam) we r speechless..even the names of Prophet's family we r ignorant..WHY WHY??

Its scary..we r so much in love with this temporary world..we have forgotten the fact that one day we would be facing Allah and our record would be taken into account..Nobody knows when he would die..maybe today or tomorrow or maybe after many years..death is bound to come..then y do we tend to forget about it? Deen or Islam is not difficult at all..its us who make it difficult.what do v gain in watching movies?? apart from wasting precious time,learning a few bad and vulgar things..nothing..sheeer waste of time.How come we can cram up astonishingly around 100 songs?? yet when it comes to simple duas we are just dumb! they seem so big!!
In today's modern technology world we have no excuse at all.Any info u , buy some good books, try to find the company of religious people, go to masjid regularly,..what's the problem??

To know about Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho alayhi wassalam visit this's awesome-

some tips-

a.Try to read "Life of Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho Alayhi wassalam"..stories of his companions.

b.Read a little bit as much u can Quran..and try to learn a few surah..pick the small ones first.

c.Read as much books on islam u can.

d.Islam is very simple and easy...follow it..u would enjoy ur life and find contentment insallah!!!

P.S-WHENEVER SOMEONE SPEAKS THE NAME OF PROPHET MOHAMMAD (SALLAHO ALAYHI WASSALAM) IN FRONT OF U..EVEN IF HE SAYS ONLY is OBLIGATORY THAT U "MUST" SAY SALLALLAHO ALAYHI WASSALAM. ..this is ignored by about 80% muslims..plz don't do this mistake..its really serious..say it silently..tell ur frenz too..even when u hear in the azan"ashahaduanna mohammada rasoolullah" say sallallaho alayhi wassalam..ok.

I'm not much of a writer so 4give me if i bored u 2 death!!


Karachi gem said...

oh zenab you have touched upon a subject that has been lamented for yeeears and to be honest I blame the parents first and foremost. Every childs does what he sees being done around him. So all you parents out have the power and the choice to turn your child towards the stones and smoke of hellfire or the beautiful, fragrant gardens of jannat.

CooL MuslimaH said...

yeah mate i know its the parents who ought to be blamed-when it comes to studies of thier children they go to so much pains and troubles..but when it comes to islam..ignored!!
now i cudn't go to lecture the i thought to tackle the youth so that they may themselves realise thier responsibilties..

umm moosa said...

Assalaamu Alaykum Cool Muslimah,

I check your blog regularly although I will probably not comment.

The point you make is a valid one. We always seem to have time for the dunya but never our deen. We will memorise useless facts but not the things that will benefit us.

I see you've modified the info about yourself but if I was you I'd delete your star sign as well. The only purpose of star signs is to predict the future. There is no other reason why you would ever need to know what your star sign is. By publicising it you're selling yourself into the concept of "we can predict the future", which obviously we can't as only Allaah knows the Unseen.

Two useful Ahadeeth:
1. Allaah’s Messenger sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said, “Whoever prays for me once, Allaah blesses that person 10 times (because of that prayer). ” (Muslim)

2. It was narrated from ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Abi Talhah from his father that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came one day with evident signs of happiness on his face, and he said: “Jibreel (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came to me and said, ‘Would it not please you, O Muhammad, to know that no one among your ummah will send blessings upon you but I will send ten blessings upon him, and no one among your ummah will send salaams upon you but I will send ten salaams upon him.”

CooL MuslimaH said...

Walleykumassalam warahmatullahi wabarakutuhu Dear umm moosa

Thanks for regularly visiting my blog..I never even dreamt someone would look to my blog so seriously (except KArachi gem) i'm truly honoured!! And THANKS ALOT for sharing the hadith.
And as for your concern regarding the star sign which is correct..i would like to say that i DO NOT believe in all this nonsense of starsign..but this was there in the default of blog..i just can't remove it..and the sunsign there , is not even mine!! LOL!
But now u have raised this issue..i'll inshallah try my best to remove it.
Thanks remember me in your duas!!

Do keep visiting the blog and share ur views.....

ur sister in islam.

umm moosa said...

I know you don't believe in the star signs rubbish which is why I was explaining to you that it looks bad. Jazaak'Allaah Khayr for clearing up the reason as to why it's there. It's obviously not your fault, and at least you've made it up!

Fatima said...

perhaps we can have some sort of BRAND POWER.
get some marketing genius' to help us.
because, all those "celebs" have great PR and marketing managers.
islam just needs a few of those..which should be ALL of us in actual fact.

CooL MuslimaH said...

so lets start belladona right away...........
neway cn u explain what u really mean 2 my poor brain??

mbslrm said...