Tuesday, June 20, 2006

just a few snippets

Assalamalaykum folks

I'm not the type to write about my daily happenings for public.But i'm just bored with article stuff right now.So I guess I would write a bit bout whats going on this small desert island.

Well,its 2:15 am and i ought 2 b asleep but i just couldn't as i've becum net addicted (very bad!)..Moreover i might be going to India around 10 july so i won't be able to write my blog.And u know what?? we r going 2 umrah on 28june INSHALLAH...yippeeeeee!!

Honestly nothing much to tell..I met an Algerian girl yesterday.she happens to be my neighbour..lol.She knows french fluently so does her mom as Algeria was once a colony of France ...On Friday v r invited for lunch at an arab family..i'm quite excited coz i'm curious about arab lifestyle..the clothes they wear at home(lol) ..their food...etc etc. And can u guess which family it is?? They r the direct descendants of Hazrat Abbas (raziallahu ta'ala anhu) the uncle of Prophet Mohammad (Sallalllaho Alayhi wassalam) so they r abbasi...COOL right?? they r from Baghdad or Fallujah (i dont remeber exactly) but due to bombing and war they can't go there :(

Day b4 yesterday v had a talk with out hajj mates..pakistanis..just hearing thier voice sent me back to mina...sigh! good old days of mina..no tension...pure bliss..eat sleep pray.that's it..Our group's aalim constantly kept us telling in mina that there;s a hadith that-mina are the days of eating...wow we people acted upon this hadith with so much obedience..hahaa..u ever call the men they were always asleep..who won' t ..air conditioned camps.no worries..guests of Alllah..tired after hajj..and praying in the same camp.

Arabs are very generous mashallah.They are known for their generosity.My uncle once told that-When he had gone 4 hajj..they were standing in a queue in a restaurant to buy food.Suddenly one arab broke the line went ahead and bought the food and off he went..well no1 dared say anything..the man who was in front went upto the counter and bought his food but when he payed the bill the owner said"no need ..the arab payed money for your food..coz he felt bad to hurt u by breaking the line as he was in great hurry"..nice na!!

There are small things which sometimes affect a person..Like when u enter the Haram that is the area inside the masjid of mekkah from where u c the kaabah..u c people crying,weeping,sobbing uncontrollably,making duas,doing sajda (prostration).....................it gives an incredible sensation which can't be described in words..Like once we went to haram to spent the whole night there(during umrah) .so when v entered there was a group of people sitting quite far from the kaabah but facing it..There was a youth who was crying uncontrollably and just gazing at the kaabah..he was weeping..i can't describe the feeling he gave me..it was incredible to see ur brothers and sisters crying in front of the one and only one ALLAH!!

Again, once a family had just come and saw the kaabah ( i guess for the first time..and Allah knows best) the young woman had tears streaming..she had very small boys..she made them do dua..they looked soo cute mashallah soing dua in front of the mighty kaabah.

During Hajj when we just came to mekkah v did our umrah..there was a HUGE rush of people and HOT...but there was a man (not quite young) who had his mother on his back and he was doing tawaaaf in that throng..(he was sweating like anything ) mashallah..it was amazing...there are such grreat and nice people in the world.

I guess this has bcum too long .so i should end now!!

will post again in a day or two inshallah


heelers said...

Assalamalaykum from Ireland.

CooL MuslimaH said...

waleykumassalam brother..


(means "welcome" in arabic...in case u dont know:)

Ambareen the gr8 said...

so finally saw ur blog. cool 1. keep up the good work.......

mr. buraq said...

Alhamdulillah hope that umrah goes well.

(Not that I don't belive what you said, but)How do you know they're direct descendends from a Sahaba ra mentioned?

CooL MuslimaH said...

well,mr.buraq every1 knows about thier ancestral history,right??

they r living in iraq since generations and are the direct descendants..he (the uncle) is verrrrrrrry religious mashallah.u know what he has learnt tajweed of quran from his ancestors and that gors back to the sahaba and he learnt from Prophet Mohammad(sallallaho alayhi wassalam) which goes to gabriel (alayhissalam) and that goes upto .......ALLAH!! subhanallah..hope u blvd it..

y...don't u know that the king of jordan is the direct desendant of Prophet mohammad salallaho alayhi wassalam.

hope u blvd all..i didn't make it up myself(lol)

umm moosa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
umm moosa said...

I just wanted to say I was wrong to try to correct you in public (which I have now deleted). I may well be the one who is wrong. I will double check my facts first then email you. Allaah knows best.

Subhan'Allaah! I've just started reading the latest blog on AE's website. Already I have learnt just one of many things. Insha'Allaah, I'll have learnt a whole heap more by the time I reach the end.

May Allaah have mercy upon our fellow Muslims and may He reward them with the best rewards, Ameen.
Indeed they have faced hardships that we could never imagine.

CooL MuslimaH said...

umm moosa

no problem..to err is human.:)don't take it too hard on yourself..i still honour u for regularly visiting my blog.

yep AE's blog is wonderful.mashallah...goood to know u r also enjoying it!!

c u wassalam.

CooL MuslimaH said...

This is the comment that "umm moosa" deleted but i've posted it again coz she was right..i did do a mistake in my post..i wrote Anas(razi allah ta'ala anhu) instead of Hazrat Abbas razialllah tanhu..Sorry!!
yeah he is a descendant of Hazrat Abbas raziallah tanhu so he's an abbasi.thanx mate for pointing out.

umm moosa-
"You know in your blog you've written that Anas was the Uncle of the Prophet (saw), but as far as I know he wasn't. Anas ibn Malik (RA) was the personal servant of the Prophet (saw). You say they were Abbasi so maybe you mean Abbas (RA) who was the Uncle of the Prophet (saw).

Masha'Allaah, you're going on Umrah. Remember to make du'aa for us all.

When my friend was in Egypt during Ramadhaan she said that there would be people wondering the streets looking for people to invite back home with whom they could have iftaar with. SubhanAllaah!"

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