Friday, June 05, 2009

Simple moments with rich memories......


It has become a mammoth task for me to sit and do any work on my computer..mashAllah I have 13 people right now in my home...aunts and cousins.Though i'm not complaining..its soo much fun specially when we go to sleep with all 6 or so cuzins stretched out on the floor..fighting for the Cooler Fan to be turned in their direction and recording our voices by singing wedding songs and in the midst as some one bursts out giggling all start laughing uncontrollably (for no reason at all)..ah! the fun in stupidities with your loved ones is so cherishing....But no fun is complete without the presence of a dictator who is feared by the mischief makers and this role is rightly played by my dear Mother..
the moment footsteps would be heard on the staircase all of us would just dart here and there and lie in a sleeping position with the plug of recorder pulled mercilessly by the sensible one.And never did it turn out to be mother ..always it was someone of our group whom we hadn't noticed missing and was kind enough to bring a bottle of chilled water for everyone(it soo hot nowadays that we r forvevr thirsty and its a daunting task to leave even a second of excitement amidst a game going on - to go downstairs and fetch a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator so all lazy fellows wait for someone to go down for some work and come along with water )...Ever heard of Murphy's Laws? Well i would like to add one more law to them..whenever we thought it was some kid coming up and kept on talking till late hour ..we found my dear mom standing in the doorway and we all sheepishly scurried hither and tither....
Some moments are so simple yet with rich memories...which always make you feel fresh when you recall Long talks on the prayer mat..(then realizing how late it was quickly getting back to pray)...listening to nasheeds,islamic lectures and recordings of our cousins and uncles when they were kids (and some who are no more in this world)...going to a cuzin's place coz we got the news he's got engaged and without any notice all reached his place and sang songs and whatever our aunt bought we just wiped the plates clean despite my dear mom glaring at us..hahaa..(no no we r not spoiled brats..just coz all were togethere after such a long time all were going bonkers).
Then by Allah's grace in the past few weeks the weather used to become so pleasant in the evening with cool breeze followed by rain and POWER was soo heavenly...all playing "chinese whisper" and getting punishments...One cousin of mine had come to study shakespeare from me and in a span of 15 days we studied i guess for hardly 10 hours..the moment we started studying ..we drifted from "othello" and "CAndida" to childhood days, sharing our problems and stuff! We also had sessions of tye and dye ( dying clothes in different colours with beeautiful designs emerging)...Pulling eachother's leg and teasing my elder cousin who is to be engaged inshAllah...... Going to the railway station to see off one cousin who was going back,(i'lll post the pic of the old station in my next post inshAllah)! these past days were so good mashAllah....thanks to Allah...btw 6 of my cuzins left seems so bad...but still Alhamdulillah there are many people...and finally on 11th of june all will leave , even my mom, and only my younger sis , me and my aunt will be left *sniff*.
But on 23rd my younger sis and me will also leave and join mom,and my bro INSHALLAH..yippppeeeeee.

Well....i guess this is the most silly thing i've ever written...sooo childish is my style in this post...but i'll publish it anyway and for those of you who have been bored to death by going throught the ardent task of reading it till the end..i appreciate your patience..mashAllah.


ambareen said...

Ah, i'm so very patient. Do appreciate it. :)
i didnt c many 'and', nevertheless gud u postd.

Aurangzeb said...

ALLAH keep you happy always! A'meen!

This was girl stuff.. I shouldn't have been commenting may be! :P... I wasn't so playful even in my childhood by the way. MashaALLAH!

You see, once my mom and my sisters left us to visit my mother's mother (grandmother) leaving us behind for the first time. My dad never gets emotional, but that was the time he said to me, "A house isn't complete without females isn't it?" :)

CooL MuslimaH said...


*Cool Muslimah awards the Noble Award to the Most patient bloggers- Ambareen and bro Aunrangzeb* i'm getting dumber and dumber..ha!

Ambar- "nevertheless gud u postd"
=> This comment speaks volumes of the standard of my post..heheh

Brother of our neighbourhood-
Ameen..same to you....JazakAllah for the dua...Its so nice when someone give u a dua..

Arey its girl stuff so what? Its on public anyone can comment..

Yeah..girls are the "raunaq" of a home..muhahaha..
And your father must be a wonderful "father"..he sounds like my dad's elder bro..

Take care folks...
Thanx for visiting my blog
~Cool Muslimah~ said...

It was an enjoyable read, like I was reliving my little childhood days. :)

ambareen said...

Arey i didnt mean wot u thnk i meant! U postd that amidst such chaos, shows u r gtng commitd. And its a lovely post, v.heartfelt. N im nt saying ths JLT(just lyk that) bt truly.
Kp it up, gurrrl.

malekat_el7oriya said...

aww that was a really sweet post :D
it seems like a great day!

take care sis!

CooL MuslimaH said...


First of all my apologies to everyone for replying so late..
I had a major competetion today..

Sir Adib- glad u liked it bro..and thanks for visiting my blog..

ambar- JazakAllh...again i want to quote from little women" which i haven't yet seen..

Malekat- Welcome sis...thanks for your encouraging words..

JazakAllah everyone...
~Cool Muslimah~

Anonymous said...

Aurangzeb Your dad was just getting emotional and his comments at that time were heavily sentimental , so dont make anything out of it.

lol lol lol