Wednesday, June 24, 2009

`in the land of shawarmas`

24 June'09.
Assalamualaikum folks....

So i've safely landed in the land of desert and shawarmas alhamdulillah..
My competetion was quite tough but...Allah is kareem..let's c.
My journey was very smooth by the grace of Allah, and since my young sis was with me we quite enjoyed it.The immigration official at the desk asked us soooo many questions..

Official- Where are you going? Why? When will u return? who's there? Where do u study? Are you married? Then why do u wear niqab? oh ! so unmarried girls can also wear niqab?....
And the girl who checked my face (to match with the passport) was very sweet..May Allah give her hidaya..ameen. I met one of my junior Mariam at the airport..we sat talking till our flight's departure was announced..the air hostess thought we were Arabs and greeted us quite cordially.
the plane was almost empty..I slept the whole way..Mum and my bro were there to recieve us.In fact, my bro and me started laughing on seeing eachother (for no reason at all..hehe..).
Me n my sis gobbled up chicken nuggets,twisters,laban..ah! the delicacies of arab tension of halal or haraam...yesterday we went to a mall..Quite HUGE and i didn't like it..too much flashy, guys with gelled hairs, girls all in HEAVY makeup...Allah it makes me sad and WHY do girls wear makeup?? i never understand, makes them look horrible..
Man! i saw so many obese people here...they all should be sent to india to pull rickshaws all will slim down..eating junk,sitting in AC's , always sipping soft drinks ..what do u expect??
anyway bought an abaya today and also ordered one more....Alhamdulillah...Am on a spree to buy a new cell phone which looks girly+sober+with a memory card+cheap....Actually, buying anything makes me feel guilty i dunno why..though my bro doesn't but i feel so..there was a red silver mobile which i liked but a bit expensive..i just passed bro prompted me and when my mom herself said "the price is ok"..i was like yipppyy alhamdulillah....i wanna buy it before umrah to record the athan there and stuff.inshAllah.
Thats for now....will write something constructive soon inshAllah,...

See ya.
take care
~Cool Muslimah~


Aurangzeb said...

Welcome back home G! By the way, Pakistan se jo loag jatay hain Arab woh bhi motay ho jatay hain khair se... meray aik aadh maamay waheen hotay hain!!! ;)

check karo.. iss waqt jo string 'word verification' mai meray samnay hai woh pata hai kya hai???

'INABRIA' isay thoRa sa change karo to banta hai
'IN ARABIA'... bhala computer ko kesay pata chala ke janaab arabia mai hain??? kafi famous hain aap MashaALLAH!!!

Saafir said...

Masha'Allah for the safe journey...Are u married? I think that's none of his biz

Sometimes I wonder how we ever put up with this discrimaination and stupid Qs at the customs

CooL MuslimaH said...

Assalamualaikum brother takhte-sulaiman-

back home?? my home isn't arab..
Yeah everyone is on a spree to make us ssisters eat a lot coz we look like we r "fasting" according to people..

MashAllah..apni apni baat hoti hai..Allah jisey izzat dey dey..Well just a mere coincidence!

Bro Saafir-
you know when i read you comment..i was puzzled that why is this brother asking me if i'm married! I read a few times and then it hit me...hehe stupid me!

Still his questions were not insulting alhamdulillah..just inquisitive but yeah they r discriminating at times..

Jazakallah both of u for visiting this "miskeena's" blog!

take care
~Cool Muslimah~ said...

I KNOW! I don't even like heavy makeup. Its doing opposite to its purpose.

CooL MuslimaH said...

Yes Brother adib

The makeup here is ..EEEEEEEk!
its really scary..eyes shaded with different coloures..lipstick as if they have sucked the blood of someone..Man i hate really ruins the beauty of girls. And gives a sinister look too..And in young age girls look nice and old women look so wannabe in makeup..May Allah give hidayat to all..

Sacrifice4Allah said...

As Salaamu 'alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu!

Alhamdulilah you had a safe journey, may Allah always protect you and your family. Ameen!

"too much flashy, guys with gelled hairs, girls all in HEAVY makeup.."

See the dazzling, glittering and enchanting ways of this dunya that's not even worth the wing of the mosquito *disgusted*

May Allah accept your 'umrah! Ameen! :)

wa Salaamu 'alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu!

CooL MuslimaH said...

Walekumassalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu..

Ameen to your dua..Same for you as well..

yeah! we all are too much caught up in the web of the world..Not only those who are rich and have luxuries like here but everyone in their own way.


JazakAllah for all your duas ukhti..I love people who give duas...MAy Allah accept your duas and righteous desires..ameen.

TAke care..

Thanx for visitng my blog dear.

~Cool Muslimah~

Bengali Muslimah said...

Sounds like you're having fun! Airport check-ups are the most annoying part of the trip =[
And you feel guilty about buying stuff? aw, don't feel guilty if you're fulfilling a necessity =]


Lisa said...

Assalaam Alaikum,

I really love your blog. Glad you are safe and hope you had a great trip!

CooL MuslimaH said...


Bengali Muslimah-

Thanx for visiting my blog dear..



JazakAllah made my really loved my blog..yoohoo!! thanx for visitng..

take care evryone
~Cool Muslimah~