Friday, June 19, 2009

FacEBook Ruins...HELP!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time in the age of Orkut,Blogs and Facebook there lived a girl called Leena..A very pretty and a bright girl, full of fancies and imaginations which best suited a girl of her age..Just like her other contemporaries, she was also hooked by the "net mania" and was an active member of Orkut or Facebook..Just like her brothers and sisters did toothbrush in the morning she checked her account and upated her profile..Wherever her family and friends went she had a digital camera to take pix of herself or the family gathering to be posted on her profile..You see she lived in the world of was how she was connected with the world and retrospect on account of other people's comments..(after all real people judge you by your apparent looks and she was quite honest on the internet..she hated lying!) Her pics were quite decent...the usual ones that all have but being a beautiful girl her friends list was equal to the fan list of J.K.Rowling...

If you calculated where her whole life was spent till date, maximum time from her teens was devoted in taking the various quizzes on facebook..( u know quiz is made for people to check their IQ and knowledge, so being a masterbrain she took innumerable quizzes..)..But these were not the usual quizzes where you answer questions like "whos' the president of Zambia?" or "Where are the headquarters of UNO?" instead they were much more juicy quizzes ..You know much more about yourself.(who cares about the damn world! just know yourself, enjoy and live your life)...questions so they make you puke! but like other people Leena loved doing them..( u know people get so bored nowadays..its the latest trend..its cool to say "I'm bored" and ironically, they also dont hav time..ha!) She was happy to know the answer of "how bitchy are you?" , "What psychiatric disorder do you have?", What's your swear word?"what does your eyes say? " "How common is your name?"Now doesn't Lena seem so self obsessed of herself? no she was not. Coz everyone she knew did that..So when everyone is so self conscious , what's the use of caring for someone? But wait..they were not so concieted..they were concerned about their frenz..they used to please eachother and
display thier affection by answering a questionnaire "How well do you know him/her?"..

These quizzes affected people badly which other folks were unaware of, like for instance-

Sam, a very brilliant and a straight A student much admired by his teachers after taking the quiz "Which psychiatric disorder do you have?" got the answer "you are a NERD"....He could not get over the shock and this got so embedded in his mind that he could not concentrate on his studies and finally dropped out of school much to the despair of his parents...And today he can be seen polishing shoes of people in front of the White House.

Alia and Cindy were best mates since childhood..they had grown together and people used to give example of their friendship..They always supported eachother no matter how dire the situation may be..but one morning it was observed that Alia and Cindy were shooting deadly looks to one another and in lunchtime they sat on different tables (quite a record breaking news for the big city) ..both sat stony faced passing cynical comments on eachother...When enquired the reason of this breakup was - Alia had scored a mere 33% in the quiz -How well do you know cindy?" on her Facebook..

Not only this the facebook has magical powers and can tell secrets which great sorcerers of the world could not do...It can answer questions like" When will you die?" "Who will be your future boyfriend" ..Now that's superb science and technology..grreat!! ( Man what do people get by getting involved in such baseless quiz...May Allah guide them..)...(What is the use of taking quiz such as "What pets do you have?"..If you have them already then WHAT IS THE POINT??

*back to story*

TO be continued...............


ambareen said...

Awesome, ya! Neither deaf nor dumb. :) your satire was scathing and hits the target, your facebook research is impeccable (LOL!), and ur intentions of course wondrful. 'Make 'em feel guilty' and u achieve it!
Part 1 audience screams 'encore'! :)
P.S im soooo changing my fb pswrd nw! No more dirt!!

CooL MuslimaH said...


Hey..i just loogged on and to my utter amazement my reply to your comment which i posted IMMEDIATELY last night was not there..

Anyway..(oh gosh i had written such an apt reply)

So did i achieve it? *hmm..*wink

Thanks to the audience for screaming encore..hahaha..

And NO u r NOT changing ur fb password coz i Want to know wots all going on fb..*smirk*

and yaar my 2nd part made maria laugh like amd..u just read its so__________

Ok..Take care

~Cool Muslimah~

Saafir said...

These social networks can be quite misleading, Ya'Allah

CooL MuslimaH said...


brother safir..

yeah that's wot i think..specially the posting of photos is very bad.

May Allah guide us all...

Shaheema said...

very nice :)

CooL MuslimaH said...

assalamualaikum shaheema..

gee..thanx mate.

take care

~Cool Muslimah~