Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ramblings of Cool Muslimah

So i'm off to join my parents and bro in a muslim country and then will be going for umrah in the first week of july inshAllah.....

Yesterday as I had promised my old maidservant that i would stitch her clothes if she would stay back with us...I sat down to sew..Now , firstly I don't know AT ALL how to sew clothes...u might be wondering why i promised? Actually, she being old and a bit cranky got angry that day with my aunt and refused to eat whole day...MashAllah what will power!! She didn't eat from morn till night..Keeping in view that she works very hard and has a good apetite it would have been quite difficult for her!..She doesn't have her 10 fingers whole..i mean they got cut in a grass cutting machine one day they are chopped in half..hope u got it..Anyway still she does all her work and is so active that if i die and live 100 lives i wont be able to do so..Well after my lots of coaxing and cajoling she finally ate food in the dead of night at 1am..Alhamdulillah! So in that coaxing i had promised fearfully that i would sew your clothes..
Since I had promised i took up the sewing machine..Alhamdulillah i was able to do almost the whole pyjama..but in the end I unfortunately, went up to my aunt to ask how to add a belt to it? aunt looked at my sewing and started "is this how u sew child? Today's girls are so..come on open all the stitches and do it again"...AARGH!!!!!!.. well i did as she told me..My aunt is a perfectionist and finally I did till noon and once i banged at the sewing machine coz its thread was irriating me........Alhamdulillah work done!

The maid who cooks chapati for us has two small boys who come to read Quran from my mom..since my mom's away my aunt has taken up the task..Anyway i had lured them that if they leran the "durood" I would give them a big chocolate each+ to the young girl who lives at our place and would help them in memorizing.
Now it happened that one of them learnt it and I sent the girl to a nearby shop to buy a choc. and it wasn't available..i felt so bad..and the young one who's so irksome at times kept on ranting" where's my elder bro's choc? he has memorized it!The next day my cuz bot 3 chocs..i ate the one for the younger kid coz he wouldnt memorize at any cost and kept on giggling,running,peeping and all chilsih activities..Anyway at night the kids came to ask for some ice..I asked the elder one to recite the he recited i gave him the choc + to the girl who had helped..Now the younger naughty one on seeing this quickly memorised and said "listen to mine too"..I listened with apprehension and to my horror he had learnt in no why had i eaten his share?? glutton!.. well he was stumbling at one part..I said learn properly and i'll listen tomorrow..yesterday i bot for him and today InshAllah will give him...

tomorow i have a major test..250students are competing for just 30 pray i qualify it..its very important that i get in!! PLZ DO DUA FOR MY TEST..

Moreover, I'm very much apprehensive that should i wear my black gloves at the airport or see i have since the past 3 or 4 months started wearing gloves too, accompanying my abaya will gloves be ok at the airport or it would be too risky?? Do give me suggestion i dont know what to do?? pray for my safe journey...

Will post after reaching the land of desert inshAllah.....
Till then..adieu
take care
~Cool Muslimah~


Asmi's Journal said...

Waleikum Assalam ukhti,
Masha Allah you're going for Umrah wow! Please, can I come? Please? Lol, don't forget to make dua for us.

About the gloves, I'd feel a bit nervous too...I don't know, in one way I feel like saying, Just wear them, fear Allah and nobody else!

Best of luck for your exam! I'm sure you'll do it! My dua is with you inshAllah. May you handle it with ease, and may you get that seat!

CooL MuslimaH said...

Yeah you can come sure..Just bring ur mehram along..haha

InshAllah I wont forget to do dua for u..i always make a list of people who have asked for dua..then I take that list to the Haram..

About the gloves..yeah let's see wot happens..

JazakAllah..ameen and thanks to ur dua..

take care

~Cool Muslimah~

Saafir said...

I do not know how to sew, I didn't pay attention while in Elementary skool...but I do know one thing, coz have been sewing all my life while in High skool.

Always make a pattern ie be consistent with the distances looping..blah blah blah
also make them tiny and most importantly make them invisible

Serves you right for underestimating his ability under pressure

It's entirely upto you..

Certainly I'll make Dua for u sis, safe journey to 'ur destination

CooL MuslimaH said...

What a paradox..

You didn't know how to sew and then you sewed all ur life during high school..hahaha

And Allah..don't go about your knowledge of makes me feel ashamed that i being a girl dont know much... makes me laugh how you've labelled all topics as if it were an assignment and you had to answer all questions systematically..hehehe

I know its upto me it just needs a bit iman but u know the custom officers and being such a sealed and enveloped makes me feel nervous...guess i will wear it after check in...

Ameen and jazakAllah....
P.S- I have to be studying right now and i am blogging away........

take care
~Cool Muslimah~