Friday, June 05, 2009


I have been tagged by Ambareen
so here goes:

1. Do you think you are hot?
Nah Alhamdulillah i have a normal temperature..not running from fever!

2.upload your favorite picture of you?
Ah! this beauty is hidden by the command of Allah ...

3.why do you like nature?
Becoz it gives me a feeling of peace and brings me close to Allah as i ponder on Allah's creation..

4.when was the last time you ate pizza?
maybe 5 or 6 months back...

5.The last song you were listening to......?
"Sing Children of the world..."- Dawud Wharnsby Ali Sing Children Of the World

6.What are you doing right now besides this?
writing a mail to my friend, chatting with my cuzin and listening to nasheeds

7.What name would you prefer besides yours?
I just LOVE my present name alhamdulillah!

8.people to tag:
Pen Marks

9.who is no.1?
My younger sis. is having a relationship with?
no.3 is very pious and a practising muslim ..mashAllah..he doesn't get involve in haram raltionships muhahaha

11.Say something about your best friend?
She is someone with whom i have shared the best of my sweet memories an who's always there for me with a sound advice.............LOVE YA MATE..Alhamdulillah... about your enemy?
enemy...i have no enemies Alhamdulillah.

13.who is the best person in the world?
Prophet Mohammad (Salallaho Alayhi Wassallam)


Asmi's Journal said...

Aw, sweet! Smart answers ;)

ambareen said...

@taggd ans:
1. Dumb!
10. ?? Who u talkng abt?
11. Right back atcha. :)
12. U sure about that? ;)

CooL MuslimaH said...


Asmi JazakAllah mate *smile*...

Aha! ambar..yep 1st is dumb..i know.
10. just a random answer yaar..obviously.
11.huh?? right back??
12. yes i am sure madam! what do u mean..hmmm?

take care dears..
~Cool Muslimah~

Aurangzeb said...


I really don't know what does tagging really mean!!! :P

ambareen said...

:P lol. 'tagging' probbly evolvd from the game playd, whr kids run chasing aftr 1 anothr n the 1 who was caught first was made the chaser. Lyk-tag. U r 'it'. So here 1 person writes smthng n 'tags' anothr, n that person duz whats askd.
@cool m: 11. U dnt know, wen v say 'right back atcha?' sheesh. It means the same words u said, i quote right back at u. nw did u get that? N 12. Hmmm.....I dont know if u dont know. ;)