Friday, June 26, 2009

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26 june'09
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakutuhu..

May anyone reading this read it in the best of their health and eeman..

Yesterday we had a one dish dinner at our place..we were given the responsibilty to cook rice..So at night came 5 families..Man there were such cute children..awwwwwwww...MAshAllah!! wish i could take their pix and post here..but its a sin so ....
During the men's chance food left was very little (nah! the women hadn't eaten all fact it was in a small quantity)..khair..By Allah's barakah all were able to eat well...
One aunty came who has a beautiful daughter with VERY beautiful hair..all long,black,shiny and thick...But horrors of horrors she had cut them really really short!!..ugh!! i hate it when girls cut their hair short..all praised n my sis sat silent coz "if you can't speak good then keep silent" and i hate lying "OMG u look so pretty"...ok she looked nice coz she is really adorable and will look bt4l even if i guess she goes bald (ok that was an exaggeration)...But i think girls cutting their hair is a sort of ungratefulness to Allah's blessing..anyway this is my personal belief!

Here its a trend to talk to your small ones in English..and it drives me mad!! Why? Coz a child should know his/her native tongue properly..and even if they r in west its understandable..but here..come on your kids won't be cool if they speak fact what they get quite slow in getting what you say...they can't even cry in their own language..they don't have command over one languag..coz their parents are indian or pakis and english ain't their mother tongue so u expect the kind of english they would speak..And now is the need to teach your kids their mother tongue coz english eventually everyone learns..Neo colonisation at its extent!!

right now while i'm posting i can very clearly hear the juma khutba going on ..the masjid is literally a few feets away...and now the aqamat is being said and its DITTO LIKE THAT OF HARAM!!! mashAllah it feels i'm there in mekkah..My sis and me like always had planned to go to masjid..but then i thought of the hadeeth

Narrated by Ibn 'Umar: Allah's Apostle said: “Do not prevent women (wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, etc) from (praying at) mosques. Yet, their prayer at home is better (for them).”

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "A woman’s prayer in her house is better than her prayer in her courtyard, and her prayer in her chamber is better than her prayer in her house." (Abu Dawud)

So we decided to stay at home and inshAllah we'll pray in umrah at masjid nabwi..yay! inshAllah! that's all for now..

JazkAllah khair...
~Cool Muslimah~


Aurangzeb said...

As-SALAM-o-alaikum! CoolMuslimah your ahadeeth that you shared are lovely as well as your act of sharing... it really greatly improved my knowledge. I'm very very very very thankful to you! :)
Thanks a lot! ALLAH reward you for this! A'meen!

ALLAH keep you happy always! A'meen!

Anonymous said...

Assalamoalikum!!CoolMuslimah!!MashAllah u really hv an art of writing with lots of fun and yeah plus exaggeration(LOL)!!!.........
..well,anyway,its really nice to hear ur house stories& its is really nice that ur goin 2 Umrah!!May Allah except ur Umrah!!A'meen!

~Allah Kareem~

CooL MuslimaH said...


My respectable brother in islam aka neighbour-

You make me feel emarassed by thanking so need brother,..also, its just that Allah made my blog a source for you to gain knowledge of these particular ahadeeth..

JazakAllah khair for your duas.MAy Allah accept them and grant you abundance happiness and success in both the worlds..ameen.

Ah! my sweet lil sister...

You posted a comment on my blog.aww! Thank you and jazakAllah for commenting as well as praising me *ahem*

you made me laugh dear
"nice to hear your house stories"
=> mate..we share the same house i guess..hahaha..

"u r going to umrah"
=. we both r going honey!

love ya loads.

take care.
~Cool Muslimah~

Bengali Muslimah said...

I agree about not speaking to kids in English. My dad always says that we should always speak our mother tongue and like you said we learn english automatically in school. if we speak english at both home and school, then we gradually forget our mother langauge =[

And, I will remember that hadeeth =]

Saafir said...

I can speak fairly 6+ languages and from all of those I cannot speak my own mother tongue but i can hear and understand 100% of the words...

PS Swahili is not my mother tongue although it's the National Language

CooL MuslimaH said...


BM- Exactly my viewpoint.

Bro saafir- 6+ languages mashAllah!! that's great..Your mother tongue is which language??
Yeah India's national language is hindi but my mother tongue is urdu..

take care folks..

~Cool Muslimah~

Saafir said...

my Mother tongue is Kamba

Anonymous said...

.. how old are you..?

... children learn their language "mother tongue" regardless if you speak one or the other as long as you speak both to explain the other... if you actually took the time to learn about a child's brain you would know.. but then again most of your blogs is just useless chatters


Anonymous said...

hrm that didn't sound right..
my point was that you can teach a child both languages.. it doesn't matter if the siblings speak in english they won't forget it(mother tongue) as long as you explain it to them in your mother tongue and in english.. they will pick it up.