Monday, June 29, 2009


30th June'09.

  1. when i have to edit my post innumerable times...yes i have todo it i dont know why..i give spaces between paragraphs but it doesnt appear on the blog and its way toooooo irritating...aaargh!!!

  2. Attitude. I hate attitude..specially people who think that owing a little more money or name makes them much better than the humanity and consequently they treat the others like shit! for instance , in India people usually in cars speak so rudely with the rickshaw waalas that i just want to go and give them a good beating!.. I remember once we were going to the airport, our taxi driver slightly hit a car in front of it..ohh that cheapstake stopped his car and steped outside and can you believe it he slapped our driver!!!! Oh man I just really wanted to do i dunno what to that man!! i was in a rage...And he just drove away as if he had done the noblest thing in the world!!..

  3. when i'm falsely accused..ugh!! it drives me mad!!

  4. When a thing that i almost never do and the moment i think of doing it my mom catches me and goes on "ya i know you are so irresponsible" so oblivious to my desperate cries that i had done it just this time,.For instance, that day after lunch meal, i wanted to eat something i took the jar of Nutella and licked off some chocolate and yes! what should have mom happens to come that moment..and has that knowing look on her face..and now she would not believe me that it was the first time.

  5. When people just get angry and they dont tell you what's the reason or they keep everything to themselves..And keep on nodding knowingly,smirking and acting as if you have committed something really bad but they wont damn tell you!!aargh!!

  6. US or ISrael butting in every country's matters be it Tehran or Pakistan or any other country..why can't they mind their own business??

  7. bullying in any form

  8. Teasing the weak people or insane in my hometown in India there are a few people who roam on the streets and are psychologically not normal..its a common sight to see shopkeepers or vendors teasing them...(ok maybe its just in a light manner and they dont hurt them but i think its not appropriate or maybe i;m thinking too much)

  9. Capris worn by muslim girls..i just dislike that fashion.

  10. Girls wearing revealing clothes.

  11. Deceit and lying. (It doesnt mean i never lied...but nevertheless i hate lying)

  12. Wasting food.

~Cool Muslimah~


Sacrifice4Allah said...

"When people just get angry and they dont tell you what's the reason or they keep everything to themselves."

I really don't like that.

Saafir said...

No#6..US has done a lot of damage in Iraq

Iraq was better off the way it was before these bullies came in and irked war n havoc...personally, i think the state Iraq is in right now was specially crafted by US from the start...and why Pakistan? what did they do?

Surprising that, US is not in Africa as they are in the Middle East...idiots! Most of the Muslims are in Africa...but that is not what they want...may be they are looking for more oil, or something else, only Allah Ta'ala knows best

Israel, yuck! don even get me started

CooL MuslimaH said...


Dear sister in ISlam-
Yeah i dont get it why people dont come and say it on our face instead of keeping it to themselves with a smug behaviour..

thanx for visiting this ya!

My kenyan brother-

It really makes me furious..why in the world cant they mind their own business?? And to top all of that our fellow muslim brethren either tend to ignore it or just dont get it that they are being manipulated and if once united they can be a strong force...

a very small example, Pepsi , coca cola and other soft drinks are SOOOOOOOO much in vogue in the Middle East..its beyond imagination..they have accustomed themselves so much to the luxuiries of west that its quite difficult for them to leave it now..not only arabs it includes all of us..

Ah! its a sad topic and i can go on for ages...moreover what have I done for my ummah??

Anyway May Allah save Iran and all other muslim countries from these barbarians..ameen.

take care folks..

MAy Allah bless u ...

~Cool Muslimah~

Saafir said...

did u add No#12 later on because i don recall reading the Wasting food point...

I also hate this, did u notice how many people love food fights or throwing away so called 'spoiled' food.

people love wasting food, especially rich folks, and it's until they suffer hunger when they will discover the pain in throwing away even stale foodstuffs

Saafir said...

Salaam Aleikum Cool Muslimah,

It's quite easy actually how i did all that...

Firstly, the 'i Pray' it's a picture i Googled and just placed it there in the Blogspot Layout not in the Edit HTML section

Secondly, the banner 'La ilaha illallah' at the bottom is just the same as the top but this is added as an image in the add Elements in the blogspot Layout section

Finally, the name of Allah in the background i used the following template and changed the image to my own.

if u don get what i did, pliz feel free to disturb me, i will help, Insha'Allah

Saafir said...

Here is a riddle for you:

What is yours, but others use it more than you?

CooL MuslimaH said...


No i didnt add no.12 was there all the time.

Its quite a trend here in Gulf to waste food in dinner parties and lunchs,..i just detest this habit of people..Why can't they take only that amount which they can consume..

JAzkaAllah khair for the blog help..inshAllah i'll see to it after my umrah..right now i've packing n stuff.

the answer to the riddle is- "my name".

~Cool Muslimah~

ambareen said...

ooohh, mad eh?
btw, was the 5th one meant for me by any chance.
been very regular lately i see, good. keep up, mate.
have a safe journey.

CooL MuslimaH said...

Hey mate ..nice surprise


Finally u r back in the blogging world..

nah! the 5th aint meant for you..its meant for my bro. I hate so hate his habit of acting so oversmart and just nodding his head and smirking..why cant he just tell me what's bothering him??

You always tell me if its related to me.and other things also u tell me by a bit coaxing *smile*. work here so i'm regularly updating alhamdulillah...

Yaar saudi visa problem for dua..we go tomorrow...

When are you going to update?? too busy..hmmm

take care..
luv ya lots.

your- smug

Aurangzeb said...

CoolMuslimah! Well these are a few things I don't like too... but there is more to it.
I'm very glad to know that you dislike US and Israel Butting in our matters... That's a great news because most people don't care. JazakALLAH!

No 4. Well this is what my mom does too! LOL

No.9. Capris??? What's that?

Saafir said...

That was just a test to know how fast u are, do not get ur hopes up coz i have a another that is more hard to crack, Insha'Allah

Riddle: When a person does not know what it is, then it is something; but when a person knows what it is, then it is nothing. What is it?

i'll make dua for u, Insha'Allah

Salaam Aleikum

MuSLiMa FlOwEr said...

mmmmm the one about the taxi... I dont understand how some1 can do that?? a SLAP? gosh talk about bad tempers lol. Anyway love your blog sister.

Jazak Allah Khair.

onethoughton said...

hey there....
ooo wats this hot debate goin on in here? well my girl, never been much of a person when it came to debates.. so wudn really comment on it... although ive tagged you with a lil sticky note... hope it ll cheer u up and bring out a more happy song from you...